arts and crafts fair
Everyone who has ever exhibited with us...

Abbie Conway

Annette Rolston

Antje Ernestus

Ashlee Symington

Auriel Mims

Bob Lever

Eastern Artists' Book Collective

Ellen Monaghan

Hedge and Row

Helen Akers

Helen May

Holkham Forge

Jackie Grimble

John Hannyngton

Kate Allsop

Kate Bagnall-Oakeley

Kate Baylay

Kate Wakeham

Laura Huston

Laurie Rudling

Louise Benbow

Madeleine Spencer

Martin Hayward Smith

Meg Foster

Mims Heritage

Molly Garnier

Nadine Leech

Norfolk Woodsman

Nutmeg Soaps

Piece Works

Red K Sanderson

Richard Blake

Richenda Thompson

Seed and Ebrill

Sue Kirk

Tim Plunkett

Tim Sanderson

Tina Loder


Vanessa Wilson

Violet's Apothecary

Fine Hand Made Jewellery

Hand Block Printed Textiles


Papercuts and textile sculptures

Carved Wooden Sculptures & Toys

Willow Sculpture

Artists' Books & Blank Page Journals

Bespoke Jewellery

Hedgerow Crafts

Vintage Textile Animals

Landscape Photography

Art, Ironwork, Sculpture

Textile Animal Portraits

Thrown & Organic Ceramics

Porcelain Tableware

Hand Made Floral Decorations & Wreaths

Arts Prints & Cards

Alphabet Prints

Landscape Etchings and Collagraphs

Thrown Ceramic Tableware

Dried Fruit Wreaths and Garlands

Fine Silver Jewellery

"My Year With Hares" book

Contemporary Vintage Textiles

Boiled wool garments & accessories for children

Portrait and Landscape Paintings

Hand Made Rag Rugs


Hand Crafted Cold Press Soaps

Upcycled Textiles


Wooden Turned Tableware

Traditional Toys

Silver Jewellery

Baskets & Willow Sculpture

Elegant Hardwood Kitchen & Tableware


Silk Ties & Bespoke Tailoring

Innovative Accessories

Beaded Jewellery

Natural Plant-Based Apothecary