arts and crafts fair

Elegant Hardwood Kitchen & Tableware  Tim Plunkett
Artists' Books & Blank Page Journals  Eastern Artists' Book Collective
Baskets & Willow Sculpture  Sue Kirk
Natural Plant-Based Apothecary  Violet's Apothecary
Hand Block Printed Textiles  Annette Rolston
Thrown & Organic Ceramics  John Hannyngton
Hand Made Floral Decorations & Wreaths  Kate Bagnall-Oakley
Stone Carving & Lettercutting  Teucer Wilson
Unique Hand Made Jewellery  Madeleine Spencer
Innovative Accessories  Tundra
Thrown & Hand Built Porcelain  Kate Brouwer
Willow Sculpture  Bob Lever
Art, Ironwork, Sculpture  Holkham Forge
Upcycled Textiles  Piece Works
Rag Rug Pictures & Cushions  Jackie Grimble
The New Norfolk Dulcimer & Turned Tableware  Richard Blake
Finger & Glove Puppets  Monika Weidmann
Boiled Wool Garments  Mims Heritage
Thrown Ceramic Tableware  Laura Huston
Books  Martin Hayward-Smith
Art Prints & Cards  Kate Baylay
Papercuts & Eclectic Creations  Ashlee Symington

Saturday 15th November, 10am - 4pm
and Sunday 16th November, 11am - 4pm
Swanton Novers

Nearly 700 visitors again over two days, the event raised a valuable £600 for the village hall.

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